Welcome to Cayuga Milk Ingredients, where we are committed to quality nutrition for a better life! Cayuga Milk Ingredients was born from the vision of a small group of farmers in Central New York. We are 100% owned by this group of passionate farmers who are committed to producing the highest quality milk. Equally devoted to animal welfare and environmental stewardship, our farmers are thoughtful industry leaders dedicated to excellence.    


Our farmer owners are our heart and soul. All of our farms are family-owned, with many spanning several generations. Owners view themselves as more than farmers. They are stewards of their land and livestock, and long-term planning and care for our resources is just one of their tenets. We're all in this for generations, not next quarter's profits.


All of our livestock are well cared for with properly balanced feed for every stage of life. Experienced dairy nutritionists assist farmer owners in managing and coordinating diets. This ensures that our milk, which forms the base of all of our products, is consistently of the highest quality while remaining natural, fresh, and wholesome.


While a Central New York organization, Cayuga Milk Ingredients serves a global market. We are agricultural experts, passionate about developing and refining the products we provide and the manner in which we do so. We work with our customers to tailor products to fit specific needs, and our brand-new facility allows us to do that.


Our product quality is directly related to the quality of our milk. Because we are owned by farmers, we are uniquely positioned to oversee our own milk supply, ensuring our milk is of the highest quality from start to finish. This, in turn, means cleaner, purer, and higher quality milk ingredients. Our products, therefore, are second to none.

At Cayuga Milk Ingredients, our employees are our most important resource. We're dedicated to producing high-quality milk ingredients from our farmer owners' high-quality milk, while simultaneously improving the dairy industry by raising the bar for high standards. We're confident you'll see that the finest products come from the finest ingredients. We promise to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them!
Kevin J. Ellis, CEO
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